Melomania Podcast



Explore the power of music through curated playlists and personal commentary.

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Nerdy Jobs Web Series

Nerdy Jobs

Web Series

Join Dr. Miller as she explores some of the most interesting jobs in the scientific community.

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Nihilist in Sheep's Clothing Web Series

Nihilist in Sheep's Clothing

Web Series

Work sucks. Nothing matters. Shep suffers through life in this animated comedy.

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Graphic Design

animation frame

From logos to social media, business cards to motion design, we can bring your ideas to life with high-quality creative design.

Production Design

oversized crayon props

We craft stunning visuals and practical effects to bring your production to life. From specialty props to full scale sets, we help you dream it up and make it a reality.


Art Objects

art objects

Shop a selection of original oddities and works of art handcrafted by the Mad Dollar herself — or request a custom creation.


custom creations

Learn to do it yourself with step-by-step instructions, how-to videos, and additional information on all of the mediums the Mad Dollar uses.